granular certificate

Big News: Google, AES, Microsoft, and Constellation Team Up for Green Energy Granular Certificate 24/7!

Discover the exiciting alliance of Google, AES, Microsoft, and Constellation in the Granular Certificate Trading world. 24/7 clean energy made easy. Say Hello to Granular Certificate Trading Alliance Guess what? AES, Constellation, Google, and Microsoft are teaming up with LevelTen Energy to create something huge! It’s called the Granular Certificate Trading Alliance. They want to … Read more
45x tax credit

Big News! 45X Tax Credit: US Treasury Gives a Thumbs-Up to Clean Energy Manufacturing

Discover the buzz: US Treasury’s 45X Tax Credit sparks excitement for clean energy manufacturing. Get the scoop on this game-changing announcement! Guess what? The U.S. Treasury just spilled the beans on some cool rules for companies making stuff like solar panels and batteries. They want to give these companies a special prize – a tax … Read more
Aether Fuels

Big Boost for Aether Fuels: $8.5M to Make Clean Fuels for Planes and Ships!

Big news: Aether Fuels secures $8.5M to revolutionize planes and ships with sustainable fuels. Green innovation taking flight and making waves! Exciting news! Aether Fuels, a cool startup, just got a whopping $8.5 million to make super-clean fuels for planes and ships. They got this money through special notes even before their big Series A … Read more
rng tax credit

Big News! RNG Tax Credit: 200+ Groups Unite Urging Support!

Breaking: 200+ groups unite, urging support for RNG tax credit! Explore the push for green incentives in transportation. Read full details below! Guess what? More than 200 groups, led by Natural Gas Vehicles for America and the Moving Us Forward Coalition, got together and sent a letter on December 13. Who’s it to? Well, they … Read more
governor hochul

Governor Hochul Unveils Big Economic Development Awards, Fueling 13,000 Jobs and $375 Million Investments

Discover Governor Hochul’s economic development awards, propelling 13k jobs and $375 million in capital investments for a thriving future. Hey there! Governor Kathy Hochul just spilled the beans on some super exciting news about making jobs and bringing in big bucks. The New York Power Authority Board of Trustees (fancy name, huh?) gave a thumbs … Read more

Big News: Heliene’s US Solar Panel Plant $10 Million Upgrade will Create 130 New Jobs!

US Solar Energy Big News: Discover the buzz as Heliene invests $10M, expanding its Minnesota solar panel plant and bringing 130 new jobs! Let’s Talk Upgrades: Heliene Solar Panel Plant Heliene is really going for it, making big changes to Minnesota Line One. This special assembly line at their Mountain Iron factory, set up in … Read more

Masdar and EDF partner to Develop 3.6GW Hydropower and Renewables Project

Big News: Masdar and EDF unite for a monumental 3.6GW hydropower and renewables project, spearheading sustainable energy solutions. Hold onto your hats! Masdar and EDF are teaming up with the Kyrgyz Republic for a super exciting project announced at COP28 in Dubai. What’s the scoop? They’re diving into the world of hydropower and renewable energy … Read more

Big News: Masdar and PLN Team Up for World Largest Floating Solar Plant in Indonesia!

Exciting collaboration news! Discover how Masdar and PLN are shaping the future with Southeast Asia’s largest floating solar plant in Indonesia. Hey folks! Exciting news in the energy world! Masdar, that cool renewable energy company, and PLN, the big utility player in Indonesia, are joining forces to make the biggest floating solar power plant in … Read more
fervo energy

Hot News: Google Teams Up with Fervo Energy for Carbon-free Energy from Geothermal Project!

Discover the hottest collaboration! Google partners with Fervo Energy for carbon-free energy from an epic geothermal project. Hey, guess what’s sizzling in the energy world? Google just spilled the beans that they’re getting their electricity from super cool Earth heat, thanks to a rad project with Fervo Energy! Let’s dive into the deets of this … Read more
new york solar power record

Solar Power Records: New York State Surpasses 2GW in Community Solar Power

In a significant solar power achievement, New York state has successfully installed 2GW of community solar capacity, as reported by the New York State Energy and Research Development Authority (NYSERDA). Growing Solar Power Landscape NYSERDA not only confirms the installation of 5GW of distributed solar capacity in the state but also highlights an additional 3.3GW … Read more

COP28 Leaders Vow to Triple Renewable Energy Capacity by 2030

COP28: In a groundbreaking move at the UN Climate Change Conference in Dubai on December 2, global leaders committed to tripling the world’s renewable generation capacity by 2030, aiming for a minimum of 11 TW installed. COP28 Leaders Global Renewable and Energy Efficiency Pledge A total of 116 nations officially endorsed the Global Renewable Pledge … Read more
Dogger Bank biggest wind farm

World’s Biggest Offshore Wind Farm Dogger Bank Starts Generating Clean Energy!

Something super cool just happened in the world of making energy from the wind! The Dogger Bank Wind Farm, which is like the biggest one in the whole wide world, just started making power in October. This is a really big deal because, for a while, people were worried about how much it would cost … Read more
US to Invest $7 Billion on Hydrogen Fuel

Biden’s Big Move: US to Invest $7 Billion on Hydrogen Fuel to Supercharge Clean Energy

Big news: the US Department of Energy just spilled the beans on a massive $7 billion planon hydrogen fuel. What’s it all about? Well, they’re going full throttle to boost clean energy by diving deep into the world of hydrogen fuel. This isn’t just a pocket change kind of deal; it’s a game-changer set to … Read more
ge vernova

GE Vernova’s Hydro Power Business Set to Transform Cushman II Hydropower Plant in the USA

Big news! GE Vernova, a part of General Electric Company, is on a mission to upgrade not one, but two out of three turbine and generator units at the Cushman II hydropower plant, owned by Tacoma Power. This is a major move showing GE Vernova’s commitment to making renewable energy better all around the world. … Read more
Leaked Document Shows Biden's Plan if Snake River Dams are Breached

Leaked document shows Biden’s Plan for Energy Projects to Replace Controversial Snake River Dams!

Government Conspiracy or Heroic Act? Leaked document shows Biden’s Plan for Energy Projects to Replace Controversial Snake River Dams! The leaked document reveals that the U.S. government, particularly the Biden administration, is open to supporting the construction of new clean energy projects in the Pacific Northwest to replace the hydropower generated by the controversial Snake … Read more