Big News: Masdar and PLN Team Up for World Largest Floating Solar Plant in Indonesia!



Exciting collaboration news! Discover how Masdar and PLN are shaping the future with Southeast Asia’s largest floating solar plant in Indonesia.

Hey folks! Exciting news in the energy world! Masdar, that cool renewable energy company, and PLN, the big utility player in Indonesia, are joining forces to make the biggest floating solar power plant in Southeast Asia. Plus, they’re thinking about making green hydrogen. Let’s dive into the buzz!

Wow Moment at COP28

Guess what? They dropped this bombshell during the UN’s Climate Change Conference COP28 in the UAE. Masdar and PLN are like, “Let’s make Southeast Asia’s largest floating solar thingy!” Remember the Cirata project? Yeah, that’s the one – a massive 145 megawatts (that’s a lot of power!) floating on the Cirata reservoir in Indonesia. It just started running and can power 50,000 homes! Sweet, right?

More Power, More Fun

Now, at COP28, with all the big shots around, Masdar’s CEO, Mohamed Jameel Al Ramahi, and PLN’s bigwigs signed papers. They’re not stopping at 145 megawatts; they’re dreaming big – maybe up to 500 megawatts! Imagine that much power floating on water. It’s like a superpower energy island.

Let’s Talk Green Hydrogen

Hold on, there’s more! Masdar and PLN are teaming up to explore renewable energy all over the globe. And get this – they’re chatting about green hydrogen. It’s like the superhero of clean energy, tackling emissions in industries like steel, construction, and even planes! UAE and Indonesia are gearing up to be big players in this green hydrogen game.

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CEO Vibes

The head honcho of Masdar, Mohamed Jameel Al Ramahi, is all smiles. He’s like, “We rocked the Cirata project, and now, with PLN, we’re going big in solar, green hydrogen, and more! Southeast Asia, get ready for some awesome energy moves!”

Phase II Plan

Not stopping, Masdar and PLN already planned Phase II for Cirata. Triple the power – 500 megawatts! They got the green light from Indonesia’s Ministry of Public Works and Housing. And get this, the plant’s floating on water, saving land, and keeping things cool. It’s like a double win!

Dabbling in Geothermal Fun

Hold on to your hats – Masdar is now into geothermal stuff too! Back in February, they tossed some cash into Pertamina Geothermal Energy in Indonesia. They’re really going all out to shake up the energy game.

About Masdar

In case you’re wondering, Masdar is the superhero of clean energy in the UAE. Since 2006, they’ve been on a mission, and they’re aiming for a whopping 100 gigawatts of renewable energy by 2030! That’s like powering the world with sunshine. And yeah, they’re also eyeing a million tonnes of green hydrogen every year. Go green or go home, right?

There you have it – the lowdown on Masdar and PLN’s big plans. Buckle up for some green energy rollercoaster!

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