Masdar and EDF partner to Develop 3.6GW Hydropower and Renewables Project



Big News: Masdar and EDF unite for a monumental 3.6GW hydropower and renewables project, spearheading sustainable energy solutions.

Hold onto your hats! Masdar and EDF are teaming up with the Kyrgyz Republic for a super exciting project announced at COP28 in Dubai. What’s the scoop? They’re diving into the world of hydropower and renewable energy with a plan to explore and develop a whopping 3.6GW!

Hydropower: Making Green Moves

Guess where the deal went down? COP28 in Dubai, baby! Representatives from the Kyrgyz Ministry of Energy, Masdar, and EDF all huddled together to sign a cool memorandum of understanding (MoU). And get this – Masdar, usually all about other renewable sources, is dipping its toes into hydropower for the first time!

Kyrgyz Republic’s Green Power

The Kyrgyz Republic is already rocking it with about 90% of its electricity coming from clean sources. Dr Sultan Al Jaber, the big shot from the UAE, called hydropower an OG clean energy source, saying it can help countries hit their climate goals.

Kyrgyz Republic Cheers

H.E. Taalaibek Ibraev, the Energy Minister of the Kyrgyz Republic, is stoked! He says hydropower is a big deal for them, and this partnership is going to boost their clean energy game and help them explore other green energy projects.

Masdar’s Next Chapter

The head honcho at Masdar, Mohamed Jameel Al Ramahi, is all smiles. He calls this agreement a game-changer for Masdar’s clean energy journey. After rocking it with other renewables, they’re now bringing their A-game to hydropower, teaming up with EDF to build something awesome with the Kyrgyz Republic.

Green Goals Galore

Kyrgyz Republic has some big dreams – like cutting greenhouse gas emissions by 44% by 2030 and being carbon neutral by 2050. With 90% of their electricity already clean and green, they’re on the right track!

Masdar’s World Domination

Masdar’s eyes are set on Central Asia, and they’ve got deals for solar and wind projects there. They’re like the superheroes of clean energy, with plans to reach a mind-blowing 100GW of renewable energy and a whopping 1 million tonnes of green hydrogen production by 2030!

Masdar’s Global Impact

Masdar’s been at it since 2006, playing in over 40 countries with more than 20GW of renewable energy projects. With over US$30 billion in investments and big dreams, they’re leading the charge for sustainable energy worldwide. Go, Masdar!

Read more information at Masdar Official site.

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