Big News: Google, AES, Microsoft, and Constellation Team Up for Green Energy Granular Certificate 24/7!


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Discover the exiciting alliance of Google, AES, Microsoft, and Constellation in the Granular Certificate Trading world. 24/7 clean energy made easy.

Say Hello to Granular Certificate Trading Alliance

Guess what? AES, Constellation, Google, and Microsoft are teaming up with LevelTen Energy to create something huge! It’s called the Granular Certificate Trading Alliance. They want to change how we do renewable energy by making a cool marketplace for certificates that tell you when and where clean energy is happening. They spilled the beans on December 14, and it’s going live next year!

Going Green All Day, Every Day

So, this new thing they’re making is like a super cool platform. It’s not for superheroes, though; it’s for companies and utilities that want all their energy to be super clean, 24/7. Jason Tundermann, the boss at LevelTen, says it will help these companies buy clean energy in an easy way. And guess what? It’s going to be clear and simple for everyone to use!

Meet Granular Certificates – The New Energy Superstars

These big companies were already awesome at making deals for clean energy, but now they’re onto something even cooler – “granular certificates.” These are like certificates but with more details. They don’t just say you’re using clean energy; they tell you exactly when and where it was made.

Why Granular Certificates Are Extra Special

You might know about Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs), but granular certificates are like the superheroes of the clean energy world. They’re not just about saying you’re using clean energy; they’re about proving it 24/7, 365 days a year!

Mason Emnett from Constellation says getting the data for 24/7 energy deals is tough right now. The places that keep track of energy projects don’t always have the info they need. Granular certificates are here to fix that!

The Cool Future: How this Certificates Will Rock

So, LevelTen thinks granular certificates won’t replace the usual deals (they call them power purchase agreements or PPAs), but they’ll be like partners. Imagine a company using PPAs for most of its energy needs and granular certificates for the times when wind or solar isn’t doing its thing.

Two Markets for Double Fun

LevelTen is making a platform with two parts. One is like a crystal ball where people can trade granular certificates for clean energy in the future. The other part is like a speedy market for trading when there’s not enough clean energy right now.

Changing the Game for Clean Energy

Jason and Mason believe this new marketplace will shake things up for clean energy. It’s not just about building projects where they want but about finding the best spots. They want to make it easy for companies that can’t hire a big team just for energy. This way, more companies can go green without breaking the bank.

In a nutshell, the Granular Certificate Trading Alliance is a game-changer for clean energy. It’s like they’re bringing superheroes to the world of energy, making it simple, fun, and, most importantly, super green!

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