Big News: Heliene’s US Solar Panel Plant $10 Million Upgrade will Create 130 New Jobs!



US Solar Energy Big News: Discover the buzz as Heliene invests $10M, expanding its Minnesota solar panel plant and bringing 130 new jobs!

Let’s Talk Upgrades: Heliene Solar Panel Plant

Heliene is really going for it, making big changes to Minnesota Line One. This special assembly line at their Mountain Iron factory, set up in 2018, is getting a serious glow-up. Thanks to Heliene’s $10 million magic touch, it’s going from 150 MW to a whopping 300 MW. And get this, it’s right next to a 500 MW line that popped up just a year ago. Plus, they’re saying this makeover will bring over 130 shiny new jobs!

Super Tech Stuff: TOPCon Solar Panels Take the Stage

But that’s not all – there’s cool tech talk too. Heliene is turning up the heat on efficiency. They’re tweaking things so the assembly line can now make TOPCon solar panels. TOPCon is a bit of a mouthful, but it’s tech that makes solar cells more powerful. Fun fact: the folks in China have been using TOPCon panels since 2019.

Martin Pochtaruk, the big boss at Heliene, shared the scoop, saying, “Thanks to recent cash boosts and government perks, we’re growing fast. We need more space and more hands to keep up with folks wanting our solar goodies.”

Bright Moves in North America: Heliene’s Plan Unveiled

This Minnesota Line One upgrade is just one piece of there grand plan in North America. Back in August 2023, they joined forces with Nexamp, the kings of community solar in the US. They’re teaming up for a massive 1.5 GW module order, all to support solar projects in American communities.

They didn’t stop there – they grabbed a cool $170 million from OIC and 2 Shores Capital in 2023. Even their loyal customers chipped in. With pockets full, Heliene spilled the beans about a new factory setting up shop in Minneapolis in 2024. That’s a big deal!

To sum it up, Heliene is making power moves, tech upgrades, and teaming up with the best to meet the growing demand for solar energy. With these sunny changes, the future of clean energy is looking super bright!

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