Solar Power Records: New York State Surpasses 2GW in Community Solar Power


new york solar power record

In a significant solar power achievement, New York state has successfully installed 2GW of community solar capacity, as reported by the New York State Energy and Research Development Authority (NYSERDA).

Growing Solar Power Landscape

NYSERDA not only confirms the installation of 5GW of distributed solar capacity in the state but also highlights an additional 3.3GW under development. The surge in small-scale solar power projects indicates a growing prominence in the state’s energy landscape. New York has ambitious plans to further expand its distributed solar capacity to 6GW by 2025 and an impressive 10GW by the end of the decade. The recent 2GW community solar milestone plays a pivotal role in realizing these targets.

Community Solar’s Power Dominance

Community solar power projects alone now contribute to 61% of the new solar installations this year. This underscores the growing importance and popularity of community-driven solar initiatives. The optimism surrounding the future of New York’s solar sector is substantial. The US Solar Energy Industries Association ranks the state eighth in installed solar capacity among the 50 states as of the second quarter of this year. Furthermore, New York is anticipated to add 8.8GW of new capacity by 2028, securing the sixth position nationally.

Governor’s Perspective

Governor Kathy Hochul expressed her satisfaction, stating, “New York’s 2GW community solar achievement proves our commitment to building a clean and healthy future.” She emphasized the tangible benefits of ongoing investments in community solar, ranging from improved health and environment to economic advantages. Lower electric bills are becoming a reality for thousands of New Yorkers, thanks to the harnessing of solar power.

NYSERDA’s Renewable Energy Initiatives

NYSERDA recently initiated an “accelerated renewable energy procurement process” as part of the state’s ambitious goal to meet 70% of its energy demand with renewables by 2030. In this context, a streamlined permitting process has been launched, allowing developers of land-based renewable energy projects, including solar, to submit eligibility requirements until December 21. Final proposal documents are expected by January 31 next year.

Momentum in New York’s Energy Transition

This news aligns with the state’s recent permitting of 1.5GW of new solar capacity, contributing to a broader commitment to 6.4GW of new renewables. New York joins the ranks of states with ambitious renewable energy plans, with Michigan already signing into law its target to meet 100% of energy demand with renewables by 2040, making history as the 12th US state to do so. New York’s strides in renewable energy signify a robust commitment to a sustainable and cleaner future.

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