Hot News: Google Teams Up with Fervo Energy for Carbon-free Energy from Geothermal Project!


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Discover the hottest collaboration! Google partners with Fervo Energy for carbon-free energy from an epic geothermal project.

Hey, guess what’s sizzling in the energy world? Google just spilled the beans that they’re getting their electricity from super cool Earth heat, thanks to a rad project with Fervo Energy! Let’s dive into the deets of this mind-blowing geothermal adventure and see how it’s shaking up the energy game.

Fervo Energy: Geothermal Milestone

Meet Tim Latimer, the bigwig at Fervo Energy in Houston, Texas. His squad is teaming up with Google for an epic geothermal project. Tim spills the tea that getting electricity from Earth’s heat is a big deal that most energy newbies never pull off. He’s totally stoked, thinking geothermal energy is about to become the next big thing.

IEA View on Geothermal Project

The International Energy Agency (IEA) has been shouting from the rooftops that geothermal could be a hero in the fight against climate change. They say it could be making 3.5 percent of the world’s electricity by 2050, saving a whopping 800 million tonnes of carbon dioxide every year. Fervo Energy is using this gig as a launchpad for even more mind-blowing projects to juice up the grid.

The Google-Fervo Energy Collabration

Google and Fervo Energy kicked off this gig in 2021, making magic happen with geothermal power. The party’s going down in Winnemucca, Nevada, where three wells are churning out 3.5 megawatts for the grid. But hold up, Google’s data centers need way more juice! So, they’ve got backup plans with solar energy and electricity storage. And get this, Google’s thinking of taking this geothermal shindig global!

Google’s Green Vision

Remember Google’s 2020 promise? They’re gunning for “carbon-free” energy every single hour, worldwide, by 2030. Big names like Google throwing in for clean energy is like tossing fuel on the green energy fire. According to Michael Terrell, the climate hero at Google, it’s not just about wind and solar anymore. Geothermal is their new go-to for 24/7 clean energy.

US Geothermal Scene

The USA’s the boss in using Earth’s heat for power, but geothermal only makes up a tiny slice (less than half a percent) of the electricity pie. In 2022, it was mainly coming from hotspots like California, Nevada, Utah, Hawaii, Oregon, Idaho, and New Mexico. But guess what? Jennifer Granholm, the energy chief, says new geothermal tech is gonna spread the energy love to unexpected places.

Drilling into the Future

Fervo Energy and other cool cats are taking geothermal to the next level. They’re digging deep, literally! Tim Latimer, the ex-oil and gas drill master, spilled the beans at ClimateTech 2023 about Fervo’s horizontal drilling move. Instead of drilling straight down like the old days, they’re going horizontal to tap into more hot spots.

Fervo Energy Next Adventure

Fervo Energy isn’t stopping the party in Nevada. Their next blowout is in Beaver County, Utah, hitting the grid in 2026 and going full blast in 2028. Sarah Jewett from Fervo is hyped about this non-stop renewable energy fiesta they’re unlocking.

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So there you have it, the lowdown on Google and Fervo’s Earth heat escapade. As geothermal tech cranks up and big shots like Google push for clean vibes, the future is looking bright, green, and totally awesome

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