Know the Story from Biden Pueblo Visit! 800 New Jobs, Jabs, and Wind Turbines


Biden Pueblo Visit

Dive into the buzz around Biden Pueblo visit! Uncover the drama, job boom, and green energy revolution. Don’t miss this exclusive inside scoop!

Guess what? President Biden dropped by a wind turbine factory in Pueblo, Colorado, and spilled the beans on his plans. Forget the Middle East drama; he’s all about his domestic agenda, especially the big bucks going into renewable energy, like the CS Wind turbine spot in Pueblo.

Biden Pueblo Visit: What he said?

Biden Pueblo visit wind turbine factory and got chatty about jobs and climate change. He’s pumped about saving lives and the environment, shouting out that green energy is the real deal. The Pueblo wind turbine factory, owned by the South Korean gang CS Wind, is throwing over $200 million into the mix, bringing in a cool 800 new jobs. And guess what? Tax breaks are in the game, thanks to the Inflation Reduction Act.

Biden threw shade at U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert, the Republican holding it down for Pueblo. Apparently, she’s not feeling the Inflation Reduction Act. Biden called her out during his speech, making fun of her and doing a little cross sign action for laughs. He’s all, “Check out these 850 Coloradans scoring new jobs at CS Wind, thanks to the law Boebert’s dissing.”

CS Wind What to Know?

Now, CS Wind, a South Korean company making wind turbines globally, had its chairman, Seong Gon Gim, giving props to Biden for being part of history through the Inflation Reduction Act. They took over the Pueblo plant from a Dutch company, Vestas, and the workforce is blowing up—over 900 employees now, but guess what? No unions in the mix. They’re dishing out $20 an hour to start, plus sweet benefits.

The CS Wind plant expansion isn’t just about jobs; it’s about Pueblo becoming a green energy hotspot. Jeff Shaw, the president of the Pueblo Economic Development Corporation, spilled the tea. He says Pueblo’s got the goods—workforce, utilities, you name it. And get this: the expansion? All funded by CS Wind, no local cash in the game. Talk about a win-win.

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