Steel Giant Ternium’s Massive Wind Farm Upgrade 72 to 99 MW – What’s Behind the Upgrade?


Ternium's Massive Wind Farm Upgrade

Why Ternium’s Wind Farm Upgrade, 72 to 99 MW, is Big News! Discover the secret behind this eco-transformation in the latest energy news scoop.

Ternium is upping its game in the wind energy sector! The Latin American steel giant is expanding its wind farm in Olavarria, Argentina, from 72 MW to a whopping 99 MW. That’s right, they’re adding six more turbines to the original plan of 16, making it a wind powerhouse.

Why Ternium doing this Upgrade?

Well, they snagged priority dispatch rights for an extra 28.5 MW in the latest tender from the Argentine electricity market folks. This means more turbines can join the party. The grand total investment for this green venture? Hold on to your hat—USD 220 million (EUR 200.5m)! Big bucks for big wind.
Once this wind farm is in full swing, expected in late 2024, it’s set to generate around 480 GWh of electricity every year. And here’s the kicker: Ternium plans to swap out a whopping 90% of its bought power from Argentina’s grid. That’s some serious energy independence.

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Now, a quick look at Ternium. They’re not just into wind power; they’re a major player in steel. From Argentina to the United States, they’ve got production centers all over, cranking out a hefty 12.4 million tons of steel annually. Big industry moves from a big industry name!

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