What Joko Widodo and Biden’s Silence Is Hiding in Mineral Chat!


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Discover the dynamic talks between Joko Widodo and Joe Biden on critical minerals, focusing on the crucial role of nickel in US-Indonesia trade.

The presidents of the United States and Indonesia, Joe Biden and Joko Widodo, are having a big chat about something super important—critical minerals! Yeah, they’re planning to work together on this.

Indonesia is like the superhero of the nickel world, which is a super important metal for making batteries and stuff for the environment. They’re going to talk about becoming even better buddies and trading more nickel.

But hold up! It’s not all smooth sailing. The U.S. is a bit worried about how getting nickel from Indonesia might affect the environment. So, they’re taking it slow and making sure everything is okay before they jump into this big partnership.

Indonesia is basically the boss when it comes to nickel. They’ve got tons of it and are in a big race with other countries like the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam to get the attention of companies that make electric cars and bikes.

Indonesia wants to be the go-to place for making electric vehicles. They’ve got huge plans to make millions of electric motorcycles and cars by the end of the next ten years. And guess what? They’ve got a lot of nickel, which is like gold for making batteries for these vehicles.

On the other side, the U.S. wants to be more independent and not rely too much on stuff from China. So, they’re also into making deals with friendly countries and producing their own things.

Indonesia is like, “Hey, U.S., let’s make a deal on these critical minerals!” They really want to be part of this agreement that might help them with some tax stuff.

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So, yeah, the U.S. and Indonesia are talking about something really cool that could change a lot of things. They’re taking it slow, making plans, and maybe, just maybe, they’ll work together on these critical minerals.

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