Big News: Maxeon Ditches Exclusive Deal with SunPower – Here’s the Inside Scoop!


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Guess what? Maxeon and SunPower, those solar buddies who were exclusive pals, are breaking up in March 2024! It’s like a fresh start for SunPower dealers, and more Maxeon panels are going to find their way onto roofs all across the good ol’ USA.

Bye-Bye Exclusive Times

Back in 2020, SunPower decided to go solo and split from Maxeon, dividing their responsibilities. Maxeon took on the job of supplying solar panels globally, while SunPower focused on installing them in homes and new constructions in the United States.

Maxeon’s Big Move

At first, Maxeon could only sell its cool M-Series panels to SunPower installers. But in 2022, they thought, “Hey, let’s make more friends!” So, they started hooking up with other installer buddies across the U.S. to spread their solar love with the M-Series panels and some fancy IBC technology.

Maxeon Sunpower Exclusive Partnership Drama and Happy Endings

SunPower and Maxeon high-fived each other and said, “Let’s stick together until 2025!” But, uh-oh, things got a bit messy. SunPower fell behind on payments, and Maxeon had to pause sending them stuff in July. Drama alert! But hold on, they made up. Maxeon’s CEO, Bill Mulligan, said, “We’re good now. We sorted things out, and we’re back in business!”

Freedom for Maxeon!

Guess what’s happening after March 31, 2024? Maxeon is free to sell its M-Series panels to anyone, not just SunPower buddies. No more exclusivity! Plus, Maxeon got a new buddy, Solaria, who used to be their competitor. Now they’re all friends, and Maxeon can sell even more solar panels.

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Smart Moves and Future Plans

SunPower still wants to buy a bunch of Maxeon’s panels until February 2024, and then they’re saying their goodbyes. This works out perfectly for Maxeon because they just teamed up with Solaria. Now, Maxeon has more pals and can sell solar panels without worrying about tariffs in the U.S.

Bill Mulligan is excited, saying, “We’re going to reach more homes and do cool stuff with our solar panels. It’s going to be awesome!”

So, Maxeon and SunPower’s split isn’t a sad thing. It’s like they’re both getting new chances to shine and light up the world with solar power.

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