Big News: National Grid Renewables Starts Work on Two Giant Solar Projects in Ohio


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Get ready for some exciting news! National Grid Renewables is rolling up its sleeves to build not one, but two huge solar projects in southern Ohio. The Ross County Solar Project and the Fayette Solar Project are now officially under construction, and when they’re up and running, they’ll be pumping out a whopping 167.5 MW of super-clean solar power!

Powering Up Ohio: National Grid Renewables is Growing!

Joe Ibrahim, the VP of Construction and Engineering at National Grid Renewables, couldn’t hide his excitement about these big projects. “Ross and Fayette are numbers two and three to start in Ohio, following our Yellowbud Solar Project in Ross and Pickaway counties,” Ibrahim shared. He added, “We’re thrilled to keep working with communities locally and statewide. We can’t wait to see these projects go from construction to operation, making life better for our neighbors and landowners.”

Teamwork in Action: Kiewit Power Constructors Co. Takes Charge
Making these solar dreams a reality is the Kiewit Power Constructors Co., using top-notch solar modules from First Solar. Jake Lathers, the Project Manager for Kiewit Power Constructors Co., gave a big shout-out to the success of the Yellowbud Solar Project, thanks to the awesome teamwork between National Grid Renewables, First Solar, Kiewit, and the community. Lathers is stoked about keeping this collaboration going strong for the Ross and Fayette projects, bringing clean energy, economic perks, and training opportunities to the local scene.

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Boosting the Economy and Giving Back
The Ross project, with a massive 120 MW capacity, is expected to bring in about $27 million in new tax money over its first 25 years. As for the Fayette Solar Project, a smaller 47.5 MW powerhouse, it’s set to add $10.6 million to the tax pool during the same time. And here’s a cool part: these projects aren’t just about money. They’re also giving back to the community, planning to donate around $670,000 through local charitable funds.

To sum it up, National Grid Renewables is turning up the heat in Ohio, not just with solar power but with a promise of boosting the economy and giving back to the community. Get ready for a brighter, cleaner future as these projects go from construction to making power moves in Ohio!

News Source National Grid Renewable official site.

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