Empower Your Career: 2024 Solar Decathlon Pros Winter – Check Cost & How To Apply


2024 Solar Decathlon Pros Winter Cohort

Hey there, Knowledge Seekers! Ready to Dive into the 2024 Solar Decathlon Pros Winter Cohort? Check how to apply, cost and when it’s starting.

Exciting news! The U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon is teaming up with the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) for the next round of Solar Decathlon Professionals Program (SD Pro)! Lock in Your Spot for the Online Green Building Adventure Starting Jan 18 2024!

2024 Solar Decathlon Pros Winter Cohort

Snag over 30 GBCI (Green Business Certification Inc.) continuing education credits (CEUs) in this cool online, hands-on, zero-energy-design course.

  • The 2024 Solar Decathlon winter cohort kicks off on Jan. 18 and runs through March 21, 2024. Join the virtual party every Thursday, 5:00 to 6:30 p.m. ET.
  • Can’t make it to the winter fun? Shoot an email to kkane@usgbc.org, and we’ll ping you when the next one’s on the horizon.

This training mix blends on-demand online stuff with live virtual hangouts every week. You’ll soak in the Solar Decathlon’s Building Science Education Series and have a blast with the instructor and your course buddies.

Your mission? Cook up your very own net-zero-energy building design. Exciting, right?

Don’t miss outEnroll now!

SD Pro is like the big sibling of the Solar Decathlon college showdown. It’s the perfect chance for work pros to level up in building science and flex those creative muscles on zero-energy projects.

Perfect for folks who know their way around building science and want to amp it up for green projects or teaching gigs. If you’re a newbie pro, a facility wizard, a builder, or a campus smarty, this advanced course is for you.

Meet your guide: Tom Hootman.
Tom’s not just an architect and engineer—he’s also the brain behind Form & Flow, a hip consultancy shaping the future of architecture.

Cost to apply for 2024 Solar Decathlon: $299 for 30+ CEUs.

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