Twin States Clean Energy Gets $1.3 Billion from DOE


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twin states clean energy link

Big News: Twin States Clean Energy Link selected for $1.3 billion DOE investment to enhance the grid. Learn how this project shapes the future!

In exciting news, there’s a fantastic proposal to build a new power line that’ll connect New England to Canadian hydropower. The U.S. Department of Energy just announced that the Twin States Clean Energy Link is one of the chosen projects. They’re getting a big $1.3 billion to make the power grid better!

Who’s in Charge?

The Twin States Clean Energy Link is a tag team effort. National Grid, the superheroes serving Massachusetts, New York, and Rhode Island, have teamed up with the Citizens Energy Corporation. Together, they want to make a power line to send clean hydropower from Canada to New England. It’s going to enter the United States in Vermont and then go into New Hampshire, passing through some fancy-sounding places. It’s like a road trip for electricity, stopping at a substation in Dunbarton and then at a brand-new substation in Londonderry.

DOE Investment

The U.S. Department of Energy is giving them lots of money to make this happen. That means less risk for others who want to invest, and it’ll make them more likely to join in. But hold on, it’s not all smooth sailing yet. They’ve got to figure out contracts and get the thumbs up from the rule-makers before they can start building.

Twin States Clean Energy Link Support and Hurdles

People in Vermont and New Hampshire are cheering for the project, including Governor Chris Sununu. But, you know what? There are some folks in Canada who don’t like the idea of power lines connecting Canada to New England. Also, there are some nature-loving folks who are keeping an eye on what this project might do to the environment.

Doing It Differently

What makes this project cool is that they’re listening to what people have to say. They don’t want to create new paths for the power lines; instead, they’ll use ones that are already there. And, to keep the view nice, they’re putting some of the lines underground. So, in Vermont and northern New Hampshire, the lines will be like secret underground tunnels along the state roads. When they get closer to Littleton, they’ll join the big power highways that are already there.

What’s the Plan?

They say this project can carry 1,200 megawatts of electricity. It’s like a superhighway for power, from Canada to New England and back. The best part is that the hydropower dams in Canada will store electricity until we need it. It’s like having big green batteries. This helps us all move towards cleaner energy without building lots of new stuff.

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Clean and Green

This power line isn’t just about connecting places; it’s about connecting resources. It’ll make it easier for clean energy sources, like wind power, to join the party. A recent report from New Hampshire’s Department of Energy said teaming up with Canadian hydropower is a smart way to say goodbye to dirty energy.

National Grid Money Plan

National Grid thinks this project will save energy customers $8.3 billion in the first 12 years. But wait, there’s more! They’re also making a $260 million plan to share the money they make with the communities that let them put the power lines there. Joe Kennedy, the head of Citizens Energy Corporation, says this is a win for everyone. It’s good for the people who pay for power, and it’s good for the communities that help make it happen.

In brief, the Twin States Clean Energy Link is a cool project that’s all about sharing clean and green power. It’s like a superhighway for electricity that connects Canada and New England, and it’s bringing people together to create a brighter, cleaner energy future.

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