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New Global Energy’s Corporate Press Kit is designed to provide journalists with valuable information and resources, regardless of whether they are looking for story ideas related to Agriculture, Aquaculture and Health & Wellness, or specifically researching the company for initial or follow-up articles.

The Company Profile (fact sheet) includes an overview of New Global Energy and its key products and offerings. The Q&A Interview with NGE’s CEO Perry West highlights his views on the industry and the outlook for shareholders. For more information or assistance, please visit the links below or contact Charlotte Luer at

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NGE Corporate Facts

Corporate Fact Sheet
New Global Energy, Inc. is a public company focused on Aquaculture, Agriculture, and Health + Wellness.

New Global Energy is dedicated to creating more efficient ways to produce fresh food on a large scale at a lower cost, while at the same time protecting the environment and insuring its products are healthy and sustainable. New Global Energy’s trading symbol is NGEY and it is traded on the OTCQB.

Business Areas
New Global Energy is uniquely positioned for growth due to several factors. Global demographics are increasing demand for food and the burgeoning Asian middle class demands an increasing supply.

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Sustainable Food for the World

 Through its aquaculture business, New Global is acquiring farmland that provides current income as well as the other benefits of hard assets. There is a growing consensus that farmland will benefit from the increase in demand for healthy food and the impact of globalization.

Farms in which New Global has interests are east of Palm Springs in the heart of the prolific Coachella Valley, California. These farms are uniquely suited to grow tilapia, which is a tropical fish, because of the area’s warm climate and the availability of warm fresh water from geo-thermally heated wells.

New Global is working diligently to solve the region’s challenges related to the cost of electricity, feed and water by developing innovative solutions such as: using solar to cut electrical costs; recirculating water; and manufacturing its own feed (instead of buying it from a third party)

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The Miracle Tree

New Global’s agriculture business is cultivating Moringa, also known as the “Tree of Life” or the “Miracle Tree” due to its important nutritional and medicinal properties. 8,000 Moringa trees have been planted on the company’s farm in Thermal, California and an additional 1.2 milllion trees are in the process of being planted on the Company’s farm located in Thermal, California. New Global’s Moringa crop is an important feature of the Company’s move to diversify its agricultural business while using the moringa to lower feed cost, improve feed nutrition and improve fish nutrition.

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Focus on Natural Remedies

Our management team is exploring partnerships to provide health conscious individuals with the benefits of Moringa. We are in high-level discussion with a major corporation seeking to introduce a new Moringa Tea brand, for example, and are looking at introducing a new line of Moringa supplements. Studies show that Moringa can help control at least five common global nutritional deficiencies, including: vitamin and mineral deficiencies; amino acid deficiencies; antioxidant reserves; anti-inflammatory benefits; and essential fatty acids. Moringa is an inexpensive, credible way to treat malnutrition in developing countries and has many other beneficial applications.

We are also cultivating other important botanicals known in Asia to possess amazing curative and nutritional powers. This pilot program involves gaining an understanding of the specific cultivation characteristics of such plants (their like and tolerance of local environmental conditions ie. water chemistry, seasonal temperatures and soil chemistry), as well as the introduction of the resulting food product into the local ethnic markets and the health and wellness markets to generate demand and pricing data.

Perry D. West – Chief Executive Officer

Perry West is Chairman and CEO of New Global Energy Inc. He has 40 years of experience leading the growth and development of early stage companies, including public and private, in the areas of general management and technology development and growth. In addition to New Global Energy, he is an attorney and a Director of VoiceLift, Inc., a business VoIP telephone company.

Previously, he was Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Interactive Technologies Corporation, a NASDAQ-listed technology company developing interactive digital media and interactive television. Earlier, he served as Vice Chairman and Executive Vice President/General Counsel of American Financial Network, also a NASDAQ company, and as Chairman.

and CEO of Cambridge Energy Corporation, a public oil and gas exploration and production company. He is a former partner in the consulting firm of Cambridge Equity, Inc. an international business consulting firm.

In addition, during his career he has been a director and officer of a number of small private companies including: Nanogen Power Systems, LLC, a concentrated solar power company; Homeport, LLC, a financial products developer; GETG, Inc., an alternative energy company; TriMark Explorations, Ltd. a mining company; and Highlight Networks, Inc. a small public company engaged in wireless network development.

Mr. West earned a B.A. degree at Florida State University and a J.D. degree at Florida State University College of Law. After college, he graduated from the Army Engineer Officer Candidate School and served as an officer with the United States Army Security

Areas of expertise:

  • Moringa – the Superfood
  • Shrimp – The New Gold
  • Monthly Fish & Farm Report from New Global Energy
  • Algae Production Expansion
  • Specialty Grocery Stores Rely on Certified & Approved Seafood
  • Coachella Valley: One of the World’s Most Prolific Food Production Regions
  • Share Farming in California & Beyond

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