Mission + Vision

Our Mission

At New Global Energy, we are helping to address the world’s critical need for food at a time of exponential increases in population, growing demand for food, and dwindling farmland. Through strategic investments in three critical areas: Aquaculture, Agriculture and Health + Wellness, our objective is to create significant shareholder value while playing a meaningful role in generating resources and providing products that respond to the global demand for farm-raised fish and other sustainable food sources. Through the execution of its business plan, New Global strives to be Southern California’s leader in sustainably produced, premium quality tilapia, shrimp and moringa.

Our Vision

New Global Energy, Inc. is a public company (symbol: NGEY, traded on the OTCQB). The company is focused on acquiring high-growth firms, assets and properties in the Health + Wellness category. New Global Energy seeks to provide consumers with solutions that lower energy costs, create sustainable projects and at the same time help protect the environment. The Company seeks to consolidate this highly fragmented industry, which grosses in excess of $5 trillion per year, and to help grow the solution by acquiring and developing properties and technologies within the realm of Health + Wellness…