If the quality of a company mirrors its leadership, then New Global Energy reflects the core values of our leaders who are dedicated to integrity, quality, commitment and innovation. The individuals who are guiding NGE have the experience, expertise and the values that will ensure the continued growth of the company as a productive and profitable entity for employees and investors alike.

Perry D. West

Perry D. West

Chairman and CEO New Global Energy Inc.

Perry West is Chairman and CEO of New Global Energy Inc. He has 40 years of experience leading the growth and development of early stage companies, including public and private, in the areas of general management and technology development and growth. In addition to New Global Energy, he is an attorney and a Director of VoiceLift, Inc., a business VoIP telephone company.

Previously, he was Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Interactive Technologies Corporation, a NASDAQ-listed technology company developing interactive digital media and interactive television. Earlier, he served as Vice Chairman and Executive Vice President/General Counsel of American Financial Network, also a NASDAQ company, and as Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Cambridge Energy Corporation, a public oil and gas exploration and production company. He is a former partner in the consulting firm of Cambridge Equity, Inc. an international business consulting firm. In addition, during his career he has been a director and officer of a number of small private companies including: Nanogen Power Systems, LLC, a concentrated solar power company; Homeport, LLC, a financial products developer; GETG, Inc., an alternative energy company; TriMark Explorations, Ltd. a mining company; and Highlight Networks, Inc. a small public company engaged in wireless network development.

Mr. West graduated with a B.A. degree from Florida State University in 1968 and with a J.D. degree from Florida State University College of Law in 1974. After college, he graduated from the Army Engineer Officer Candidate School and served as an officer with the United States Army Security Agency.

Rocky French

Rocky French

Director of Farm Operations Aqua Farming Tech

As New Global Energy’s Director of Farm Operations for New Global Energy and Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Aqua Farming Technology Inc., Rocky French employs a hands-on management style and works side-by-side with employees to ensure proper execution of operational tasks. As part of a 24-hour operation, the owners and managers live onsite to maintain complete control of the inventory and business operations and produce the highest quality fish in the industry. Employees work rotating shifts to maintain feeding schedules, sorting, grading, and harvesting. Operations are always worked around the weather as temperatures can reach 120 degrees during mid-day in the summer.

Mr. French studied at the University of San Carlos, Mindanao Regional School of Fisheries and the University of the Philippines College of Fisheries, majoring in Aquaculture. He earned certificates in Fish Pond Engineering and Hatchery Management at the Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center, received a certificate from Texas A&M in Shrimp Farming and Culture, earned a certificate from Long Beach City College on Data Processing, and a certificate for Diesel Mechanic and Automotive Electrician from the Iloilo School of Arts & Trade.

Prior to joining NGE, Mr. French worked as a Fishery Biologist with H&T Aquatic Farms, as a Fishery Biologist/Farm Manager at FL Warm Water Ranch, as an Assistant Production Manager at Valley Fish Farm, as a Fish and Wildlife Aide for the Aquaculture Complex in Talisay, Batangas, Philippines, as a Fish Farm Manager at the Thomas O’Dell Fish/Sugarcane Farm, and as a Junior Fishery Biologist Trainee for the Southeast Asian Fishery Development Center.

Advisory Board

In order to remain competitive in today’s global economy, having the right advisors is imperative. At New Global Energy, we seek the guidance, knowledge and support of individuals whose expertise and resources will make a positive impact on our bottom line.

We engage advisors whose core competencies can help move the company forward to reach our business goals as well as the expectations of our investors.