Health + Wellness

NGE's Commitment to Health & Wellness

New Global Energy intends to leverage its success in Agriculture by dedicating resources to expansion into the Health & Wellness industry. As always, we remain committed to innovation and technical advancement as we strive to increase revenue.

NGE is pursuing several exciting new projects in the Health & Wellness arena. At the center of the Company’s nutraceutical and consumer offerings are new products utilizing the amazing Moringa tree.

We are currently feeding green algae and Moringa to our tilapia for their first four months in grow-out ponds, which more closely resembles their diet in their natural environment; this is because these fish are herbivores feeding in the wild mainly on plankton, filamentous algae, aquatic macrophytes and other vegetable matter. As a result, tilapia do not accumulate pollutants and other toxins in their bodies. This tropical fish is a good candidate for farming because it produces more protein than it takes to raise it, in contrast to some other fish raised in farms, such as salmon or tuna. Because our farms are located east of Palm Springs in the heart of the prolific Coachella Valley, California, our fish flourish as the result of a warm climate, longer daylight hours, longer summers and the availability of warm fresh water from geothermally heated wells.

Exploring Partnerships

In addition, our management team is exploring partnerships to provide health conscious individuals with the benefits of Moringa. We are in high-level discussion with a major corporation seeking to introduce a new Moringa Tea brand, for example, and are looking at introducing a new line of Moringa supplements. Studies show that Moringa can help control at least five common global nutritional deficiencies, including: vitamin and mineral deficiencies; amino acid deficiencies; antioxidant reserves; anti-inflammatory benefits; and essential fatty acids. Moringa is an inexpensive, credible way to treat malnutrition in developing countries and has many other beneficial applications.

We are also cultivating other important botanicals known in Asia to possess amazing curative and nutritional powers. This pilot program involves gaining an understanding of the specific cultivation characteristics of such plants, as well as the introduction of the resulting food product into the local ethnic market to generate demand and pricing data.

More news will be released on these exciting business initiatives in the months ahead.