Corporate Responsibility

New Global Alliance

New Global Energy (NGE) believes that part of the company’s profits should be designated for helping others. With that in mind, the Company created New Global Alliance, a global philanthropic arm of NGE, to help improve the well-being of others. Through a rigorous screening process, the Alliance will select quality organizations with whom to partner. Liaisons will be formed with local, national and global communities, groups and their respective leadership to maximize the giving potential and results.

New Global Energy believes that part of the company’s profits should go back into the marketplace for helping others. The company intends to develop programs and initiatives that make giving back – to the neighborhood, the country and the greater global community – an integral part of its corporate culture. For this effort, the New Global Alliance was formed to be partnered alongside of New Global Energy.

“We yearn for something more than just business success at New Global Energy. We are building a story of successful giving. We want to develop a conscientious corporate culture of giving back. To do so we have created the New Global Alliance.”

Perry D. West
Chairman & CEO
New Global Energy



Committed to Healthy and Sustainable Solutions

Consider the earth and the people who inhabit it. New Global Energy understands the importance of sustainability and their goal is to do good for the community and its people, regardless of their scope and influence. Like other socially responsible companies, NGE believes that a healthy and growing business is possible only if the communities it serves are healthy and sustainable.